Welcome to the low country

We grew up in small Southern communities of the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia. Locals call these coastal regions of the South the low country – where there’s access to the freshest variety of seafood and the perfect growing conditions for grain.

So when we opened Hattie’s in November 2002, we wanted to stick to our roots of food, comfort and hospitality. And grits. We took the traditional recipes we were raised on and gave them a fresh, modern twist for a surprising new flavor with a hint of home.

the chef

Our Executive Chef, Estevan Galindo, has an extensive knowledge of local and regional cuisines. He has immersed himself in the food and wine around him by traveling across the country, mastering his craft.  For the past eight years, he has made his professional home here at Hattie’s, creating Carolina low-country inspired dishes built around the freshest local produce.

The Bishop arts district

“Dallas’ most vibrant dining scene may owe it all to one restaurant. Hattie’s helped build Bishop Arts…”
-Dallas Observer 2012